JFLW 2019 Honorees

Name: Rev. Celestine Oletha Loftis, Itinerant Elder
Parents: Prince Sr. and Celestine M. Loftis
Spouse: Deceased
Children: Three Children; Eight Grandchildren; Six Great
Personal Traits: Conscientiousness; more introvert than extrovert yet I am energetic and open to conversing with anyone and new ideas.
Education: Prairie View A&M; ALSOM School of Ministry; Paul Quinn College; Brite Divinity; COM Business Education; COM Real Estate. Member of Alpha Chi, Theta Alpha Kappa, Sigma Beta Delta and Phi Theta Kappa.
Church/religious: African Methodist Episcopal Church—Itinerant Elder.
Worked: Southwestern Bell Retired; Foley’s/Macy’s; Abundant Life Christian Center. Service, not work—served as pastor on two separate charges and served twice as assistant pastor. Two years, 2016-2018, served as Coordinator for Women In Ministry (WIM), Tenth Episcopal District Texas Conference. I am now serving as an associate minister, Christian Educational Director, and Church School Teacher.
Challenges: Presently I am facing the most difficult challenge I’ve ever had in my life due to a recent predicament. Pass challenges—raising my children majority of the years as a single parent and diagnosed with lupus (1990) within that timeframe. Going back to college at an older age was also challenging yet exciting and rewarding. I had to encourage myself!
Overcame: I’m still here. The doctors diagnose of lupus and Cryptococcal meningitis. Overcame, with much prayer, the years of hospitalization and medications.
Your Mission/Ministry: Soul Winning has been and will always be my mission and ministry. Trumpeting the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
3 Interesting Facts:
• Always Pray.
• Never cease to pray.
• Best known for being an orator, a motivator—encourager, and teacher of the Gospel—Good News.
Name: Delorious Bourgeois
Parents: Alfred & Cecelia Rhea
Spouse/Children :
-Spouse: James Bourgeois (deceased)
-Muriel Horton
-Hilda Bourgeois-Galloway
-Jacquelyn Bourgeois
-Don Kevin Bourgeois
-Darryl Bourgeois (deceased)
Personal Traits:
Energized, Resilient, Soldier in the Army of the Lord, A true example of being BLESSED!
Education : Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Church/religious : African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.)
Worked: Munster Medical Inn, Munster, Indiana
Challenges: Continuing the work of the Lord as I age, I can’t get around like I use to.
Overcame: Stroke, back in July, 2018, losing my son in 2012.
Your Mission/Ministry: To stay on the battlefield for the Lord, bringing souls to Christ. Helping others recognize God’s goodness and His mercy.
3 Interesting Facts:
Always- smiling and willing to talk to anyone about Jesus.
Never- complaining
Best known for- telling it like I see it.
Name: (Mrs.) Dale E. Villarreal Pillow
Parents: Domingo & Doris Hofstra Villarreal
Spouse/Children : Husband: Neil H. Pillow (Deceased); Shanna K. Pennock,
Daughter  2 Grandchildren: Kaiden (8) and Kiley (2)
Personal Traits: determined, organized, focused on the mission
Education : Our Lady of the Lake University (Major: English; Minor:Psychology)Church/religious : Presbyterian
Worked: Adult Reading Center, Pearland
Challenges : Raising funds for a non-profit
Overcame: the idea that illiteracy is someone else’s problemYour Mission/Ministry: 100% literacy with 100% community engagement
3 Interesting Facts: 1. Honored by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce as the 2005 Citizen of the Year. 2. Selected by Bank of America as one of five recipients in the greater Houston area to receive the 2010 Local Heroes award. This award recognizes individuals who champion causes vital to their communities, who inspire others to get involved, and who have special and significant impact on individuals, families, or communities. 
3.   In June 2011, selected as a Daily Point of Light Honoree (AwardNumber 4531) by the Points of Light Institute, which was established by President George H.W. Bush.Always- look at the positive Never- say never
Best known for- my ability to work with everyone
Name: Marguerite L. Butler
Parents: Helen and Herris Butler
Spouse/Children : none/none. However, I have 4 nieces, 2 nephews; 7 great nephews and 2 great nieces
Personal Traits: I look for the good in all situations, even when the bad seems overwhelming. Helping others.
Education : BA Wilberforce University; JD Syracuse University; Masters in Library and Information Science, MLIS University of Texas at Austin. Earned a License to practice Law in New York and Missouri.
Church/religious :Brown Chapel AME Church
Worked: 1982- present: Texas Southern University. Law Librarian and Law Professor
Challenges : When Evil is present. Over commitment. Prioritizing my daily activities to stay in good health.
Overcame: Personal Fears and Insecurities by God’s grace and mercy.
Your Mission/Ministry: Health Ministry Diabetes Education and Mind Body Spirit Health
3 Interesting Facts:
Always- Trust that God is working it out for your Good.
Never- Give Up. IF you fall, Get up, Dust yourself off, get back in the race and Never give up.
Best known for- My laugh
kathy picc.jpg
Name: Kathleen Mosby
Parents: Thelma and Angelo Eaden
Spouse/Children: Spouse - Thurman Mosby (deceased),
One loving and supportive daughter – Rhonda Page
Personal Traits: Generous, Energetic, Creative, Loving, Ambitious
Education: International Business College
Church/religious: Member of New Light Christian Center for 28 years, Serves in the Greeter Ministry
Worked: 25 years and Retired as Senior Program Administrator at Texaco Corporate Office
Current Owner of 3 Assisted Living facilities (Angel of Love) and Owner of 1 Independent living facility (K& R Amazing Care Inc)
Overcame: Naysayers, humble beginnings and limited resources.
Your Mission/Ministry: To serve, inspire and motivate others
3 Interesting Facts: (1) Was drum majorette in high school and throughout her entire life has always been a leader of people
(2) Produced concerts with top entertainers such as Johnnie Taylor and Tyrone Davis
(3) Continues a very active work/life regimen; Currently manages businesses, serves in multiple social and charitable organizations, serves in church greeter ministry, serves as president of her family’s reunion activities and leads the family in fund raising
Always- Keep God first.
Never- Never let others define me. Never stop dreaming and aspiring to improve in all areas of life.
Best known for- Best known for fabulous special events and entertaining.

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